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We’re so glad you are interested in becoming a homeowner through Central Oklahoma Habitat for Humanity!

Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit, non-denominational Christian housing ministry that helps hard-working, limited-income families purchase their own newly constructed homes at cost - and at no interest - in neighborhoods where Habitat is building homes.

At Habitat we work in partnership with families, not for them, in the spirit of the Christian principals that guide our lives. In our partnership, there are tasks that both parties agree to do. For example, Habitat agrees to sell a new home at no profit and with no interest charges. No down payment is charged. In return, Habitat families agree to maintain their homes and diligently make their monthly mortgage payments on time.

Do I qualify to buy a Habitat home?

Basic qualifications of Central Oklahoma Habitat’s home purchase program include:

  1. NEED - Are you living in substandard, inadequate, or overcrowded housing, or otherwise able to demonstrate a need for the Habitat program?

  2. ABILITY TO PAY - Are you able to make regular monthly mortgage payments on your new home? Take a look at our income requirements below.  The amount shown is the maximum combined household income limit.

Number in
Maximum Amount
of Household
$33,600$38,400$43,200$48,000$51,840$55,680$59,520 $63,360

3. WILLINGNESS TO PARTNER - Habitat for Humanity is a partnership based on principles of self-help. Are you willing to commit to providing at least 300 hours of “sweat equity” by volunteering with Habitat?  Sweat equity does not always require heavy labor - tasks can take many forms - but we do require a commitment of your best effort.

• You must be the head of a household. A “household” can consist of a couple (with or without children) or a single person (with or without children).

• You must be willing and able to participate in financial planning and budgeting workshops and other required training sessions which will be applied to sweat equity.

• You must be willing to live in, and become an active part of, a neighborhood where Habitat is building homes.

• Although we do not use a credit score we do perform a credit check. Perfect credit is not required, but credit history does matter. We look for at least 12 months of stable, well-paid rent and utility payment history and at least 12 months of stable employment history.

If you feel that you meet these basic guidelines, please call the Habitat office at (405) 232-4828 to request an application, which will be mailed to you, or you may download the application below.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding the application.

Completing the application:

  1. Download and print the application - English  Spanish
  2. Fill it out completely.
  3. Be sure to sign the release for information on the last page.
  4.  Mail the signed application to the following address:

        Central Oklahoma Habitat for Humanity, Inc.
        5005 S. I-35 Service Rd.
        Oklahoma City, OK 73129

    Or fax it to (405) 232-4868.


The Habitat office is open 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Changing Lives

A Central Oklahoma Habitat for Humanity home purchase is transformational for families because Habitat’s zero-interest mortgage, combined with the great energy efficiency of a Habitat home, maximizes affordability for our homebuyers.  The stability and security that home ownership brings to families frequently results in better grades and relationships for children, as well as providing opportunities for adults to pursue other life goals beyond subsistence living, such as additional education and better paying jobs.  According to HUD statistics, children raised in a home owned by their parent(s) are less likely to suffer from chronic illness and 25 percent more likely to graduate from high school!  These homes help break the cycle of poverty for children and adults, opening doors of opportunity and giving them a new vision of what they can accomplish in their lives.

See how life has changed for some of these families as a result of partnering to purchase their Central Oklahoma Habitat home!

“Nobody really knows what being disabled and in poverty is until you live it.  I thought I knew, being around it most of my life, but I was younger then. . . .  Even with my background and education, a person has to be mobile to get the jobs that pay the wages, and when you lose mobility you lose your life and lifestyle.  Maybe glancing at these pics you can see why this house means so much to us and why we are so grateful for the people helping us.”

~Tom and Claudia T.

Tom and Claudia’s old trailer


Tom and Claudia’s New Habitat home

“Habitat will always mean hope and harmony to me.  This program allowed me to clean up my credit.  If I wanted to, I could qualify for several credit cards now, but I am used to living without them.  I will retire in my own home, not in some apartment.  My sons, who are both grown, can come home for the holidays, family get-togethers, or just if they need to see me.  That gives me peace of mind. . . .  The Habitat program process can make anyone appreciate what owning a home is all about, and Habitat can make it happen.  All you have to do is want it bad enough.  This is one of those relationships that will last a lifetime.”

~ Toni J.

Donna A. has been employed for 15 years with the same company as a silkscreen printer, and she is the mom of Brandon.  Brandon is unable to walk or speak, other than to say the beautiful word “Mama.”  Finally, they have a home in which Brandon can get around freely in his wheelchair!

“Just wanted to say happy my sons and I are in our new home.  It’s funny, something as simple as the three of us being able to sit at our table at the same time means so much to us.  In our old apartment only two of us could sit in our tiny kitchen.  Now we can play board games with our family and friends and still have room to walk around.  The boys are thrilled to have their own rooms.  I cannot tell you the overwhelming feeling we have just to sit out on our porch and look out into the stars.  We just wanted to let you and all the wonderful people in Habitat for Humanity know that we appreciated all the hard work you all do for families like ours.  Your wonderful program indeed makes dreams come true.  Thank you.”

~Evelyn R.

“On November 10, 2006 my life was forever changed. I became a homeowner for the first time.  Being a homeowner has given me the ambition to do the things that previously I have only dreamed of doing.  For example, I find that I take pride in my yard work; I sit on the front porch with my mother and drink coffee enjoying being a homeowner.  I have the desire to pursue my GED as I have realized that all things are possible.  I would like to thank friends who helped me for the never ending encouragement they have provided and for teaching me to dream.  To all who participated in the building of my home, supplying materials, and putting in volunteer hours to make this possible, I appreciate each and every one of you.”

~ Don H.


Many thanks to all our homeowners, volunteers and donors who help build homes for hard working limited income families in need in central Oklahoma!

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