The new owner of the custom-built home, which is located in Central Oklahoma Habitat’s Faith Landing development in southwest Oklahoma City, is Michele Baker, along with her four children. They have been living in a small two-bedroom apartment, but on Saturday, June 27, they will move into their dream home, built with help from 150 women across Oklahoma. “I’ve been looking for a change for a long time; I have always wanted to own my own home but it seemed so far out of reach,” Baker said.

Baker’s home build kicked off Central Oklahoma Habitat for Humanity’s 2015 Women Build. For 21 days, teams of about 15 female volunteers – from company presidents to students – put up walls, built closets and painted. “I felt very honored to have been chosen for this build,” Baker said. “I am so very thankful for this opportunity and for the ladies that have been coming out to help us with the build.”

The effort took part in conjunction with National Women Build Week, a weeklong event created by Habitat for Humanity's Women Build program that challenges women to devote at least one day to help build affordable housing in their local communities. Robin Marsh, Emmy-nominated journalist and KWTV News 9 anchor, is the honorary chair for 2015’s build.

Baker’s new house marks ClimateMaster’s 400th installation of a geothermal heat pump system for a Central Oklahoma Habitat home. ClimateMaster, a subsidiary of LSB Industries and a manufacturer of geothermal heating and cooling systems, has partnered with Central Oklahoma Habitat since 2006. “Thanks to ClimateMaster, LSB Industries and their continued support, we are one of the most energy efficient homebuilders in the state of Oklahoma and among the top in the nation, saving families $700 to $800 on average per year,” said Ann Felton, CEO of Central Oklahoma Habitat for Humanity.

“The completion of the 400th geothermal build by Central Oklahoma Habitat for Humanity represents the significant economic advantages of these systems and their accessibility in the entry housing market. The addition of geothermal heating and cooling into the affordable housing model provides a real way to minimize future costs, be it utility or maintenance,” said ClimateMaster president Rick Aldridge. “We are honored to work alongside an organization, such as Central Oklahoma Habitat for Humanity, and to participate in the valuable work they do in aiding and bettering our local community.”

Felton said celebrating these milestones with the Women Build is the perfect opportunity to highlight the importance of home ownership for single women. “It’s truly amazing what women can do when we work to support one another, including reaching this milestone build,” Felton said. “We’re thankful to all of the individuals and groups who help strengthen our community by helping create safe and affordable housing.”

Baker is buying the home through a zero-interest mortgage from Central Oklahoma Habitat. She also put in 300 hours of sweat equity on her own home and others. Baker said her experience working with Central Oklahoma Habitat so far has been amazing. “I have learned so many things about homeownership, and about myself as well,” Baker said. “I’m learning that I’m able to do a lot of things I thought I’d never be able to do on my own.”

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