Meet Our Families

Meet some of the Central Oklahoma Habitat families who have worked hard toward homeownership.

Pau T. and Dim H.

Homeowner #936 - Pau and Dim needed more room and a home that was safe and could provide their family a secure future.

They say, “We want to thank Habitat for making this home homeownership opportunity a reality!”

Jeannie R.

Homeowner #935 - Jeannie was born in Japan and has lived in many different places, but calls the Oklahoma City area “home”.

She wants to work with foster children and having her own home will allow her to meet this goal.

Tha D. and Nay P.

Homeowner #934 - After living in a two bedroom, one bath, rental home this family of seven is very thankful to be new homeowners.

They say they look forward to “living in a great family community”.

Tam W. and Paw S.

Homeowner #933 - Tam and Paw are very excited about their new home.

They say “We feel very blessed to have the opportunity to become a Habitat homeowner. We look forward to living in a great community with a yard where our children can play safely!”

Jose P.

Homeowner #932 - Jose is a single Dad with two kids.

After living in an overcrowded apartment, they are grateful for their new Habitat home.

Khup B. and Zam N.

Homeowner #931 - Khup and Zam came to the United States as refugees from Burma. Their joy is in having a safe place for their son to play outside in his own back yard.

The family says “We have been blessed with this opportunity through Habitat to become home owners. Thank you Habitat for fulfilling our dream!”

Ali A. and Marya A.

Homeowner #930 - Ali and Marya are very grateful to have their own yard for their daughter to grow up and play.

They say their new home “means so much to our family. Thank you, Habitat!”.

Ah L. and Ni Ni T.

Homeowner #929 - Ah and Ni Ni are very excited to be leaving their cramped 2 bedroom apartment for their new Habitat home.

They “look forward to living in a great community with a yard to garden and a yard for the children to play safely!”

Nang L. and Cing H.

Homeowner #928 - Nang and Cing welcomed their newest daughter to the family on Memorial Day and moved into their new home three days later.

They are happy to have a backyard where their children can grow and play in a safe place.

Gerardo and Rosalva O.

Homeowner #927 - Gerardo, Rosalva and their daughters were renting a house with 2 bedrooms and 1 bath when they applied to Habitat for their home.

They say, “We are grateful to get this opportunity to be home owners for our family.”

Brenda and Christopher R.

Homeowner #926 - Brenda, Christopher and their four children know that life is uncertain. They found strength together when Christopher was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in September, 2016, with a poor prospect for recovery. They decided they weren’t ready to accept this outcome without a fight. He had extensive surgery in March, 2017, to remove all the tumors.

They know they may have to fight this battle again, but today he is cancer free. Their new Habitat home allows them to “celebrate by finally moving on to a new chapter and bringing in nothing but good vibes”. They can build new joyful memories and have a fresh start. Brenda said “This will be our first home and I would love for us to grow old in it and watch our grandkids play outside. Thank you so much Habitat for Humanity, for approving my family. Also, adding another blessing to our lives and bringing happiness once again.”

Maria F.

Homeowner #925 - Maria is a single Mom to four children. Their rental home was unsafe and overcrowded.

This family thanks Habitat for giving them the opportunity of home ownership.

Kenna D.

Homeowner #924 - Kenna and her son were excited to get a Habitat home. They were living in an unsafe area with increasing crime and paying high rent.

Kenna says, “I feel very blessed to be a Habitat homeowner. I look forward to living in a great community and having a yard to garden in!”

Julio and Inalvis K.

Homeowner #923 - Julio and Inalvis have been married for more than 35 years. In 2006 they started the process for approval to leave Cuba and in 2014 they were welcomed to the United States and began their new life.

They wrote, “First of all, I wish that God will bless you and make you prosper in everything you undertake, and give you great health so you can continue the beautiful work of helping people in need like us.”

Hang T. and Niang H.

Homeowner #922 - Hang and Niang came from Burma to Oklahoma City in 2011 and say “We are happy and enjoy learning and living with others in such a beautiful country”.

“We are grateful to those who helped us to have a beautiful and peaceful Habitat home. Thank you!”

Dozie and Evelyn O.

Homeowner #921 - To Dozie and Evelyn, their house is the result of “trusting in God” and brings great joy to their family.

They say, “A settled home in a good safe environment helps the family plan for the future. This has made our dream and prayers come true. May God bless all!”

Stephen and Terece S.

Homeowner #920 - Stephen and Terece say they are a Texas native and a New Jersey native, uprooted to settle in Oklahoma creating two beautiful Sooner natives!

They say “This is truly a dream come true for out family. We have been so blessed!”

Arturo and Genoveva C.

Homeowner #919 - Arturo and Genoveva have been living in a small, two bedroom home with their sons and want to say "thank you to Habitat for this opportunity of Home Ownership”.

Horacio and Alejandra

Homeowner #918 - Horacio and Alejandra were married in Mexico in 1995. They were happy in Mexico, but as their children grew they felt there weren’t a lot of opportunities for their children to succeed in life.

They started the process to being able to move to the United States and received Permanent Resident status in 2014. They look forward to a better life in their new Habitat home.

Rene and Judith R.

Homeowner #917 - Rene and Judith’s commitment to their children is “each day to offer them a better quality of life, education and family harmony.” They were just as committed to achieving their dream of living in their own home.

They “want to say thank you to Habitat for this opportunity of Home Ownership.”

Victor J. and Maria B.

Homeowner #916 - Victor and Maria came to the United States over 17 years ago with the dream of building a home in a house of their own.

It took a long time to achieve, but now “my daughters will finally have their own room, their own space”.

Carmelo and Veronica D.

Homeowner #915 - Carmelo and Veronica are grateful for the opportunity to show their children that “through hard work and dedication anything is possible”.

For the opportunity to move from a rental home in an unsafe area to their new home, they say – “Thank you Habitat!”

Lian D. and Cing D.

Homeowner #914 - Lian and Cing were both born in Myanmar. They came to the United States as refugees: Lian in 2008 and Cing in 2011. Both have become US citizens.

They have three children and appreciate that their new home provides the opportunity of a safe place for their children to grow and play in their own backyard!

Enriqu R. and Ynes S.

Homeowner #913 - This family was separated for a period of time while dealing with the paperwork required to allow them to reside in the United States.

Enrique and Ynes say “it seems like a dream come true that now we are going to have a forever home where we will be able to see our children grow up.”

TaShunda E.

Homeowner #912 - To TaShunda, besides her new home providing stability and a place to call home, it will allow her to invest in home ownership rather than paying excessive rent.

She and her son “cannot wait to begin this new chapter of our lives. Thank you Habitat!”

Kimberly P.

Homeowner #911 - Kimberly worked for 13 years as a Child Life Specialist at a local medical center. In 2014, she changed the direction of her life by taking a Teacher’s Assistant position in a pre-kindergarten classroom.

Two years later, after completing the requirements to obtain a teaching certificate, she began her new career as a Pre-kindergarten Teacher. Kimberly thanks Habitat for this opportunity of home ownership for her and her son.

Sii H. and Kyi Kyi H.

Homeowner #910 - Sii and Kyi Kyi have four children. For many years they lived in a two bedroom apartment. They see their new home as a true blessing for their family.

They say “This Habitat home is going to be a place that our family can grow in and a place that we can feel safe.”

Omar A. and Safa L.

Homeowner #909 - Since 2013, Omar, Safa and their two boys lived in a two bedroom apartment in what felt to them as a dangerous neighborhood.

They see owning a Habitat home as a “once in a lifetime opportunity” and a blessing to their family.

Kayla G.

Homeowner #908 - Kayla is a Loan Servicing Specialist. She was eager to have a home she and her daughter could call their own.

She added “A yard my daughter can play in would be excellent!”

Nathaniel and Danielle R.

Homeowner #907 - Nathaniel, Danielle and their two children moved to Oklahoma City over 3 years ago. Nathaniel says “Building this home is allowing our children to stay in the school district they have grown to love.”

He added “It also is fulfilling a long time dream of home ownership. I have always wanted a large back yard and front porch and that is what I now have!”

Timothy K. and Carolyn M.

Homeowner #906 - Timothy and Carolyn were finding their living arrangement more and more uninhabitable due to disrepair, flooding and general neglect by the owner. A home of their own had been their dream and in their prayers for a long time.

With their new home, they say “we will achieve a goal of providing a safe and secure environment for our kids to grow in. Thank you, Habitat, for this opportunity and for being a blessing to our family!”

Forrest and Heather W.

Homeowner #905 - Forrest works for a construction company and Heather works as an insurance agent. They say –

“Thank you Habitat for building us a secure home with a yard that our son can play in and a great area for our family to grow.”

Oscar and Becky M.

Homeowner #904 - How do Oscar and Becky see their new home? They say, “A great location, a comfortable area, it is a blessing.”

They look forward to growing with their kids and “greatly, greatly thank Habitat for the once in a lifetime blessing and to anyone involved!”

Lia L. and Pang C.

Homeowner #903 - Lia and Pang see moving their family from a 2 bedroom apartment to their new Habitat home as a life changing event.

They feel their family has been blessed by this experience and look forward to a better future where they all can feel happy and safe.

Thawng K. and Sian K.

Homeowner #902 - Thawng and Sian’s new home will allow them to give more freedom to their children. They learned about the Habitat program from friends who have a home and look forward to telling others of the benefits of partnering with Habitat.

Now that they are homeowners, their goal is to be able to send their kids to college.

Jose P.

Homeowner #901 - Jose came to the United States from Cuba. He says “Thank you Habitat for giving me the opportunity for the American Dream!”

Annette H.

Homeowner #900 - Annettte feels her Habitat home will give her and her children a place of security and stability and, most important, a place to feel free.

She believes becoming a homeowner will give her a feeling of accomplishment, fulfillment and true responsibility. She says “I am very grateful to Habitat for Humanity for giving me this chance, this opportunity of homeownership and also for believing in me and blessing my family with this gift”.

Jose and Angelica S.

Homeowner #899 - Jose and Angelica have been married for 36 years. They are originally from Guatemala and relocated to Oklahoma from New York seven years ago. They have a daughter, son-in-law and two grandchildren currently going through the immigration process hoping to come to the United States.

This couple feels “forever thankful for Habitat and the opportunity of owning their first home”.

Juan and Josefina A.

Homeowner #898 - Juan, Josefina and their children lived in a 2 bedroom, 1 bath, apartment for years. The family is excited to have a home and a backyard of their own.

They thank Habitat for giving them this opportunity.

Cheri K.

Homeowner #897 - Cheri and her granddaughter moved to Oklahoma City in 2015 to be closer to her youngest daughter and her two boys. Her habitat home is a “dream come true”.

She says “I would be willing to work 600 hours if needed to give my granddaughter a place to grow up in a home to call our own”.

Khalid K. and Khadija O.

Homeowner #896 - After getting approved for their Habitat home, Khalid and Khadija had one priority – complete their sweat equity hours.

But they say that changed “after meeting a lot of people from different organizations, regular volunteers, and schools . . . . we realized that our goal was not just about finishing the hours anymore. It was about supporting other people and helping them to build or repair their own houses, we felt that we are part of a great team and that makes us feel amazing, which is something priceless.”

Pabliana T.

Homeowner #895 - Pabliana was born in Brazil. She came to Oklahoma on a scholarship to play basketball for Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College in Miami, OK, and then went on to Oklahoma City University.

After graduating, she got married, started a family and made Oklahoma her home. When she found herself back on her own, she dreamed of having a home. She and her children love to play basketball, skate, bicycle, play in the snow on “snow days” and enjoy their friends. Their new home is the perfect place to enjoy all the things they love.

Bernardina C. and Fernando G.

Homeowner #894 - Bernardina works in the meat department of a local grocery store and Fernando works for a local roofing contractor. They feel their new home gives their children the chance to live in a safe neighborhood and go to good schools.

They say “Thank you Habitat for giving us the American Dream!”

Levi B. and Kaitlyn P.

Homeowner #893 - Levi works in construction and Kaitlyn recently decided to be a “stay at home Mom” to their three young sons.

They feel their Habitat home “will bring stability to our family and safety for our boys”.

Abrha A. and Samrawit T.

Homeowner #892 - Abrha and Samrawit are from Ethiopia. Abrha came to the United States in 2005. He served actively in the U.S. Air Force and is now in the Reserves. In 2013 he married Samrawit and they made their home in Oklahoma City.

Their new home will provide the stability for them to start their family. It also “assures us the American Dream still exists” and can be attained through hard work and perseverance.

Julio and Rosa P.

Homeowner #891 - To Julio and Rosa, their new home offers the opportunity to provide a better future for their children. Their boys will now have their own back yard in which to run and play.

They are thankful for “this opportunity to show our children that through hard work and dedication anything is possible”.

Simon K. and Ciin H.

Homeowner #890 - Simon and Ciin have two little girls and are expecting another baby by the end of the year. They are refugees from Burma and they see their new house as life changing for their family.

They say “Thank you very much to Habitat for Humanity.”

Jorge and Noemy C.

Homeowner #889 - Jorge and Noemy say “Thank you Habitat for providing an affordable home for us and making our home ownership dream come true.”

They added – “We are happy to be part of Central Oklahoma Habitat for Humanity’s family!”

Ana M.

Homeowner #888 - Ana says her two children are her strength. She dreamed of giving them a better life than she had known. Life was not going as she had planned.

When she learned about Habitat, her dream was reborn. Ana feels her house was built with love and generosity from people who were giving without obligation. She is grateful for all that her family has received.

Heather P.

Homeowner #887 - Heather is a single Mom of two great kids. They have long wanted a home – a place they can call their own, feel safe and comfortable, and have peace of mind knowing they will never have to move again.

Their house was built with the help of family and friends. It is a house built with love. What Heather found most exciting was seeing her kids excited and eager to be able to help other families with their journey.

Jeffery and Sadae B.

Homeowner #886 - Jeffery and Sadae have dealt with health issues in regards to both of their daughters for the last few years.

They say “we have been blessed with this opportunity through Habitat to become homeowners. With this opportunity, it gives us hope and is a testament that all this we have gone through was God preparing us for something greater!”

Ndibmun and Agnes F.

Homeowner #885 – This is a family with two young children who will benefit from living in a home with a yard to play in and a safe neighborhood in which to grow up.

Ndibmun and Agnes say “We are happy to be part of the Central Oklahoma Habitat for Humanity family.”