Step Two – Build A Partnership

What do you have to do besides make payments?

Central Oklahoma Habitat for Humanity requires the commitment from the homebuyer to become a partner and work alongside volunteers.  Are you willing and able to do the following:

Help build homes
Contribute at least 300 hours of sweat equity.  If physical labor is out of the question, there are plenty of other ways to complete sweat equity.  Don’t be discouraged!

Attend classes
Learn how to be a successful homeowner.  Attend Homeowners College, with classes like: Legalities of Home Ownership; Homeowners Insurance; Property Taxes & Escrowing; You & City Hall; Minor Repairs & Home Maintenance; Lawn, Tree & Shrub Care; Financial Toolbox and more

Join an HOA
Many of Central Oklahoma Habitat’s home developments require homeowners join an association.  There is a monthly fee built into your house payments. 

Attend events & be photographed
All families are required to attend a framing day and home dedication day with volunteers and the Central Oklahoma Habitat staff.  Your family may be photographed, videotaped or recorded.

Be a good citizen
Central Oklahoma Habitat families work alongside their new neighbors and volunteers who gave up valuable time and donations to ensure your family has a brighter future.  All we ask is that you show them respect and gratitude, and do the same for someone someday.

Limitations to selling your Habitat home
Once you have been accepted into our program, we will discuss your options if you must sell your home before you have lived there 10 years.

Ask questions
We are your friend and here to help.  Please ask any questions if you do not understand or something is not clear to you.

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