“Knowing that God was in control is what kept my husband and I going this whole time. We've tried wherever possible in our lives to be a blessing to others knowing that God is always in control. Seeing this dream come together is all the affirmation we ever needed. Our children also had a great deal to do with that. The thought of being able to give them a more secure and stable environment kept us pushing through,” said Camille Bratton, homeowner.

The family decided early on that Camille would be a stay at home mom, so Rocky works two jobs as a lead insurance replacement specialist at the Hertz Corporation and as a youth specialist for Youth for Christ in order to make ends meet.

Camille applied for a Central Oklahoma Habitat home in 2009 but the family was told they had to pay off debt and credit cards before being accepted into the program.

“Many times our families do not make it through our process the first time because of too much debt, however we work with our families and send them to Consumer Credit Counseling to help them get their finances in order so they can successfully go through our program,” said Ann Felton Gilliland, CEO and chairman for Central Oklahoma Habitat. “I admire the perseverance of this family to take the initiative to work through their debts and learn how to budget for their expenses. We know that it can be a big transition for our families to go from renting to homeownership. And that’s why we do everything we can to educate them regarding the responsibilities of homeownership.”

The Brattons agree. They say the whole process challenged them to become better stewards of their income and pay closer attention to their credit.

All Souls’ Episcopal Church donated $90,000 and provided numerous volunteers during the home build.

“Camille and Rocky are an inspirational and a deserving family, giving back to their community as leaders with Youth for Christ. I would like to thank all the parishioners at All Soul’s Episcopal church that donated their time and money to build this home for the Bratton Family! We are honored to have partnered with Habitat for Humanity and their incredible building crew to see the fruit of our labor create a Christ-centered home in our community,” said Jamie Lathrop, parishioner and leader at All Souls’ Episcopal Church.

Rocky Bratton says before the framing of the house ever started, The Rev. Patrick Bright and his staff at All Souls’ brought he and his family to the church so they could get to know them.

“They didn’t want to just check a box and say they made their donation. This was an intimate experience. We are grateful for that; it was real. They took us out to eat and got to know us. All the blessings are great but it is the relationship that will last. We will be forever grateful,” said Rocky Bratton, homeowner.

The Brattons completed 300 hours of sweat equity to serve as a down payment on the home and now make zero-percent interest mortgage payments.

“Central Oklahoma Habitat is a blessing that keeps on giving as the homeowners pay for their house, and thus provide capital for further home building,” said The Rev. Patrick Bright, priest at All Souls Episcopal Church.


About Central Oklahoma Habitat for Humanity

Central Oklahoma Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit, ecumenical Christian housing ministry that provides affordable housing for hardworking, limited-income families. The organization has built more than 800 new homes in central Oklahoma since 1990, all sold at cost and with no interest charged.