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  • Minimum Required Income Qualifications

    Please review the income qualification chart, check boxes below and enter your full name to sign. This information will be sent along with your completed application.
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    The above information reflects the minimum income required with ZERO LONG-TERM DEBTS (i.e. car payment, credit card, student loans, etc.) to qualify for the indicated area. If your income does not meet the minimum for the area you prefer, please submit an application when required minimum income is achieved. We will pull your credit report.

  • Please be sure you meet all of the above. Please call the Central Oklahoma Habitat for Humanity office if you have any questions. You may return your completed application by mail or fax. Approximately 3-4 weeks after we receive your application, you will receive a reply by mail advising you of the next step in the process or, if your application is denied, you will be advised of the reasons behind our determination. Approximately 2-3 months are required to complete the approval process. If you are approved, an additional 12 months (or more) will be required to complete the program.