Women Build

Women Build brings together women from all walks of life to address the affordable housing crisis facing millions of people worldwide. Women Build challenges women to take hammers in hand to help eliminate substandard housing. Each May, leading up to Mother’s Day, thousands of women volunteers across the nation join in Women Build days at Habitat affiliates.

Si Se Puede! – “WE CAN DO IT” was the motto of the women who joined the 2018 Women Build of Central Oklahoma Habitat for Humanity. Johnson Farms home addition, near Mustang, was the location of this year’s Women Build which  kicked-off the twelve week build which began May 5, 2018. Empowered women came together to build a new energy efficient, affordable home for JESSICA and MIGUEL and their 5 children. Jessica recently said, “The opportunity this program has offered to us as a family is going to open the doors to set up new goals and financial stability. I think this is the beginning of a brighter and better future. Habitat for Humanity has given us hope and helped us believe that all things are possible if you trust in God and continue to pursue your dreams and your goals in life.”

Si Se Puede! – “WE CAN DO IT!”

Central Oklahoma Habitat is about more than just building houses. You can volunteer individually or bring your friends and employees. It’s a great time for everyone! No experience building a home? No worries! We have on-site training, and our highly skilled construction team leaders are always available to provide information or to lend a helping hand. Women Build volunteers gain the confidence and skills needed to effectively contribute to Central Oklahoma Habitat’s mission while gaining knowledge they can use in their day-to-day lives.

To get involved with Women Build 2018. No experience is necessary! Together we can Help build self-sufficiency, stronger neighborhoods, and a better world for all.

Call (405) 232-4828 if you have any questions.


All volunteer opportunities require that you complete a volunteer release form / waiver.

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